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Are you a property investor looking for information about HMO investing? Whether you are new to property or already an established investor, we provide fully tailored and "hands off" investment services to help you quickly achieve high returns for your portfolio.

Stop Googling Your Way Through HMO Investing

What Is A HMO Property?

The initialism of HMO stands for: House in Multiple Occupation, or a House of Multiple Occupation. This is is a term which refers to residential properties where they are shared by more than one household. HMO properties offer living spaces that are often smaller but typically cheaper than renting a one bedroom flat. A HMO property is often occupied by three or more tenants who are not from the same household, to form a single household and share the facilities together.

This website aims to break everything down into bite-size, easy to digest information about HMOs - for information about HMOs, refer to the UK Government guidance on HMOs.

Are HMO Properties Worth It?

Pros Of HMO Property

Higher Yields Of Return

HMO rental yields can offer as much as up to three times more that standard single-let properties. The rent you can charge each tenant will also vary by the location and condition of the property - a great reason why HMOs are a great option for property investors.

Less Impact From Void Periods

When renting out a single-let property to a family, or to one tenant, you have to consider the void periods where they move out, and the next tenant moves in. With a HMO, it's likely that you will always at least have some tenants in the property bringing you an income.

Demand Is High

Not every can afford, or wants to rent a one bedroom flat, and HMOs are typically cheaper and more sustainable. There is a demand for this kind of accommodation from students, professionals and key workers, especially in the cosmopolitan locations. Always consider the location for demand and competition before investing.

Tax Advantages

Investing and spending money on a HMO is considered a revenue cost, which makes it tax-deductible. Speak to your accountant who can advise you on what is and what is not eligible to claim as an expense.

Cons Of HMO Property

Regulations And Compliance

There is in an increasing demand for more regulations and compliance by HMO landlords compared to a "straightforward" BTL property. This includes things like all bedroom doors must be fire doors, a fire system is needed, and licence from the local council needs to approve the property for HMO use.

high start up costs

Following the legislations around the various regulations,  you will need to furnish the property and have your local council approve your HMO property for licensing. This makes a HMO more expensive as a start up than a BTL property invesment.

HMO Mortgages Are Difficult To Secure

It has been increasingly difficult securing mortgages for HMOs and it is always prudent to consider alternative financing options to fund a property investment or renovation. If this is something you are looking for, speak to us about our HMO finance options.

More Tenants = More Issues

It's the nature of having multiple unrelated tenants live together. Not to be discouraged, the key is to finding the perfect tenants for your property so that you do not go through high tenant turnover.

HMO Investing: What Stage Are You At?

If you are new to property or already an established property investor, the stage of your journey will vary and our intention is to help you to achieve your goals. Regardless of the stage you are at, we can help you with our fully tailored, "hands off" investment services.

Looking To Buy A HMO Property

When you know that buying HMO properties is your strategy, it's important that you source the right property, in the right location, at the right price to ensure you get the maximum returns for your investment. This is what makes investing in HMOs a good investment. If you are looking to buy a HMO property, speak to us about our HMO sourcing service.

Convert A Property Into A HMO

You've identified a family property that could be converted into a HMO with some modifications, but you where do you begin? Maybe you need help with the design for the conversion? Or maybe you need help with building an extension? And of course, how to make it a fully approved, licensed HMO? We offer a done-for-you service from start to finish covering all aspects of converting a property into a HMO.

Need To Sell A HMO Property

If you're already a HMO landlord where you've had your fair share of challenges, you may have reached the point where you just want to sell your property and "move on". If you no longer want to deal with any of the challenges you currently face, and you want to sell your HMO property, speak to us and we can share it with our network of investors actively looking to buy.

Need Advice About HMO Investing

You are here because you know HMOs make good investments and give great rental yields that simply can not be achieved with "straightforward" BTL properties. Successful HMO investing requires knowledge of the necessary legislations, this is where we come in to help you fast track to strong monthly cashflow with our "hand off" service.

Hands Off HMO Investment Services

You're a busy investor with full-time commitments. If you are looking for an easy way to invest in HMO properties and get the job done so that your investment gets to work right away, here are some of the fully tailored HMO investment services we offer.

Property Sourcing

Our property sourcing experts can find, investigate and do all due diligence to ensure you get the right investment property.

Compliance Packs

It's critical that your HMO us fully compliant to all legislations, as there are significant fines as a consequence. 

Refurb & Renovation

From small modifications to larger renovation projects, we can effectively manage these works with our own trade teams.

Furniture Packs

Maximise your rental income with the best quality fixtures, fittings and furniture packs to uniquely dress each room.

Show Room Service

By making each room stand out to attract the highest calibre of tenant, this will help maximise rent and reduce tenant turnover.

Tenant Sourcing

Getting your property on point will help target and attact the right type of tenants that will look after your investment.

HMO Finance: Funding for Houses in Multiple Occupation

With HMO mortgages becoming more difficult to secure, it's becoming increasingly difficult to overcome this barrier when buying HMO investment properties. 

Solutions For Funding A HMO

If you find yourself with the right investment property with no way to finance the purchase, speak to us to discuss the financing options available. We can offer short, medium and long-term finance to suit your requirements. 

HMO Advice

What Are The HMO Minimum Room Size Requirements?

Landlords must comply with the guidelines for HMO rooms - ensuring they meet the criteria for minimum room sizes. When the criteria has been met, the local authority can then fully approve the property for licensing.

How Much Can Be Made As A HMO Landlord?

This can vary depending on the property, its location, its condition, and the type of tenants.  We aim for 10% rental yield with a healthy annual income too.

What Does A HMO Licence Cost?

The cost of a HMO licence varies from council to council. To find out the cost of a HMO licence with your local council, you check the UK Government website to search where the property resides.

Do You Need Planning Permission To Turn A House Into A HMO?

There are a few facets to this question. There is no need to get planning permission when converting a dwelling to a HMO property. If your HMO is going to accommodate 7 or more people, then you will regardless. More about this.

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